First-year students

First-year Engagement

The First-year Engagement plan in the College of Engineering is designed to give students a head start as they begin this exciting process of becoming an engineer or scientist. The five objectives of First-year Engineering Engagement are to:

  1. Introduce students to university study
  2. Introduce students to Penn State as an academic community, including the available fields of study and areas of interest
  3. Acquaint students with the learning tools and resources available at Penn State
  4. Provide an opportunity for students to develop relationships with full-time faculty and other students in academic areas of interest
  5. Introduce students to their responsibilities as part of the University community 

We accomplish this through three complimentary experiences of first-year seminars (FYS), EDSGN 100: Cornerstone Engineering Design, and the Engineering Orientation Network (EON). Through these opportunities, the College of Engineering aims to support students in building students' identity, community and possibility as engineers and scientists. Students can look forward to expanding their knowledge of these areas through a first-year seminar in the following ways:

  • Identity: Through the development of academic integrity, study skills, a growth mindset, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, students will be able to describe different aspects of their identity and how those aspects contribute to being a successful college student, healthy adult, and future engineer or scientist.  
  • Community: By connecting to resources, involvement in student organizations, formative Penn State experiences, and developing an understanding of sustainability, students will be able to explore different opportunities to identify spaces and resources where the students feel a sense of community and belonging and begin to create a support network that will contribute to their success at Penn State and beyond. 
  • Possibility: Through participation in major exploration, undergraduate research, career opportunities, and engineering ethics discussions, students will be able to identify their short- and long-term goals and find resources that are available to help them meet those goals. 


The School of Engineering Design and Innovation delivers effective engineering education and unrivaled research opportunities through active, collaborative, project-based, and professionally oriented classroom experiences. The school offers a variety of programs that partner faculty, students, and industry in the study of real-life engineering problems. Our programs teach students to solve real-life problems with innovative solutions. 

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