Undergraduate Offerings

In our school, our mission is to empower learners to become change-makers and provide life-changing experiences inside and outside of the classroom. We conduct innovative research at the intersection of disciplines, pioneering new fields in engineering and expanding our impact on society. We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion among our faculty, staff, and students, recognizing that engineering education and design innovation flourish when all voices can be heard. We serve as the gateway to interdisciplinary engineering education, design innovation, and lifelong learning.

Our programs and academic offerings are as diverse as the students we welcome into our school. From undergraduate engineering technology degrees to certificates, minors, and microcredentials, our undergraduate offerings focus on enhancing technical skills and backgrounds by advancing students' knowledge in new disciplines. 


Engineering and Community Engagement Certificate

This certificate is intended to acknowledge students who have gained proficiency in the design, research, and application of appropriate technologies in serving communities while stressing awareness of the cultural context of such engineering activities.

Engineering Design with Digital Tools Certificate 

The engineering design with digital tools certificate allows students to gain specialized knowledge in a digital design tool software.

Engineering Design Certificate

The engineering design certificate provides students with the opportunity to pursue a specialization in engineering design.


Engineering Design

The engineering design minor helps students develop design skills through a series of core project-based design courses focused on team-based projects and engineering design processes.

Engineering Leadership Development 

The undergraduate engineering leadership development minor emphasizes developing leadership potential and multicultural awareness in each student through a curriculum based on hands-on, real-life leadership challenges.

Social Entrepreneurship ENTI Cluster

The social entrepreneurship cluster of the entrepreneurship and innovation minor prepares students to affect sustainable and scalable social impact within marginalized communities while working in real-time to develop and deliver solutions that are technologically appropriate, environmentally benign, socially acceptable, and economically sustainable. 

Technology-Based Entrepreneurship ENTI Cluster

The technology-based entrepreneurship cluster of the entrepreneurship and innovation minor brings together faculty with a variety of real-world business start-up experience and those students who are seeking entrepreneurial experiences in product innovation. This cluster is designed for any undergraduate student from any major interested in being a product innovation leader in an existing or new business. 


Associate Degrees

Biomedical Engineering Technology

The biomedical engineering technology program is designed to provide a curriculum that prepares students to pursue a career in the evolving healthcare technology management field and to develop in their profession.

Electrical Engineering Technology

The electrical engineering technology program offers structured exposure to technical areas such as computer-aided drafting, computer-aided design, robotics, microprocessors, electrical machine control, and industrial electronics.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

The mechanical engineering technology degree program offers structured exposure to technical areas such as computer-aided drafting, computer-aided manufacturing, robotics, materials, product and process design, and machine design.

Surveying Engineering Technology

The surveying engineering technology major provides the basic undergraduate education required for private and public service as a technician in the surveying profession.

Bachelor Degrees

Electrical Engineering Technology

This electrical engineering technology program helps prepare graduates for technical positions in the expanding fields of electronics, computers and microprocessors, instrumentation, and electrical equipment. The primary objective is to provide a broad foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of electrical and electronic circuits, digital circuits, computers, electrical machinery, and programmable logic controls.

Electromechanical Engineering Technology

The electro-mechanical engineering technology program provides basic coverage in all major areas of technology involved in the operation and control of manufacturing and production processes, including instrumentation and monitoring methods, principles of machine design, automated control techniques, thermal and fluid sciences, computerized manufacturing systems, principles of electrical and electronic circuit operation, computer-aided drafting and design, the economics of production, and statistical analysis and quality control.

Surveying Engineering

The surveying engineering program provides students with the technical skills using traditional surveying instruments and the computational skills to solve problems typically encountered in boundary and construction surveying. Additionally, the program covers the legal and professional aspects of land surveying and covers subjects such as image analysis, geographic information systems, geodesy, global positioning systems, stormwater management, and land subdivision design.

  • Engineering Design
  • Engineering Design with Digital Tools Certificate
  • Engineering Design Certificate
  • Engineering Design Minor



The School of Engineering Design and Innovation delivers effective engineering education and unrivaled research opportunities through active, collaborative, project-based, and professionally oriented classroom experiences. The school offers a variety of programs that partner faculty, students, and industry in the study of real-life engineering problems. Our programs teach students to solve real-life problems with innovative solutions. 

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