a professor and a student discuss a project while looking at a computer screen a professor and a student discuss a project while looking at a computer screen

Advancing DESIGN

The Engineering Design (DESIGN) program prepares the innovators of the future. We integrate the disciplines of engineering with design theory, business, psychology, and art through project-based learning. Through our courses, students develop the technical depth and breadth to solve problems related to products, systems, processes, and services. From cornerstone engineering education to graduate design studies to corporate education, we are DESIGN.

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Undergraduate Programs

From cornerstone engineering design to global design experiences to minors and certificates, our undergraduate engineering design program is the place for aspiring designers.

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Graduate Programs

Our master of science and master of engineering in engineering design degrees employ studio-based curriculum to develop master designers.

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Corporate Partnerships

With the ability to educate nearly 100% of undergraduate engineering students, we offer leveled corporate partnering opportunities.


“Engineering design is at the cusp of many disciplines. In order for design research to be successful, it is essential that we recognize this, and foster interdisciplinary relationships; [we want to] foster collaboration between our students [with students across the University] and practice the very essence of what we research—design, creativity, and leadership.”

Scarlett Miller   |   Professor of Engineering Design and Industrial Engineering

three students collaborate on a design project three students collaborate on a design project

“When I got my undergraduate degree and went into industry, I liked what I was doing, but I felt I didn't have the power to change the direction I wanted to go. To me, the DESIGN program gave me that power—the power to choose where I want to go.”

Kevin Kearney   |   ’20 Master of Science in Engineering Design

Research Areas

We investigate the way we learn design, the way we do design, and the way design comes to life.


Design Computing

Apply advanced computing to supercharge designers' abilities to create personalized products and services.


Product Realization

Design adaptive, flexible, and innovative products that challenge traditional product design and manufacturing approaches in support of growing markets.


Human-Centered Design

Start with empathy and apply rigorous processes and tools to transform user needs into viable engineered solutions.

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Humanitarian Engineering Design

Develop scalable and sustainable solutions for products, processes, and services that have the potential to change lives for millions of people in resource-constrained communities around the world. 



From cornerstone engineering education to global design courses to graduate design degrees, we help you master design.


“Design bridges a gap between technical and creative mindsets.”

Rachel Spellman   |   ’19 Master of Engineering in Engineering Design




The School of Engineering Design and Innovation delivers effective engineering education and unrivaled research opportunities through active, collaborative, project-based, and professionally oriented classroom experiences. The school offers a variety of programs that partner faculty, students, and industry in the study of real-life engineering problems. Our programs teach students to solve real-life problems with innovative solutions. 

School of Engineering Design and Innovation

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