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Industry Engagement

The Engineering Leadership Development program is enabled by its industry supporters. Through industry partnerships and engagement, professionals help our students to experience the breadth and depth of engineering challenges that make the program a success. This critical support also pays dividends to the sponsors, including exposure to top students and enhanced opportunities to hire interns and full-time graduates. 

Program Sponsorship


  • Opportunities to participate in invited guest lectures and sponsoring a team project
  • Distribution of job opportunities
  • Inclusion in a sponsor description booklet distributed to each student
  • Participation in curriculum reviews to ensure we meet your needs

Course Sponsorship and Engagement

Course Projects

Opportunities do exist to sponsor specific student projects, ranging from water resources to small business startups in impoverished areas to designing food-processing machinery to better feed developing countries. Projects range from small to multi-semester, international teams. The level of financial support varies, depending on the magnitude of the project.

Student Capstone Projects

The capstone design course is required of most engineering students at Penn State. Multidisciplinary teams join together to design and build a prototype unit to solve a problem posed by an industry sponsor. A  donation to the University provides support from a supervising professor, access to the Learning Factory on campus, and support of the team.

International Engineering Teams

Opportunities exist to engage an international team of undergraduate or graduate students to solve problems posed by industry sponsors. Collaboration is currently underway with students from Belgium, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Australia, with new partners being added. We welcome suggestions for additional partners.

Advisory Board

The purpose of the Penn State Engineering Leadership Development (ELD) Advisory Board is to provide guidance for curriculum development, support research initiatives, and create learning opportunities for ELD students.

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The School of Engineering Design and Innovation delivers effective engineering education and unrivaled research opportunities through active, collaborative, project-based, and professionally oriented classroom experiences. The school offers a variety of programs that partner faculty, students, and industry in the study of real-life engineering problems. Our programs teach students to solve real-life problems with innovative solutions. 

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