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Technology-based Entrepreneurship Cluster

This cluster brings together faculty with a variety of real-world business start-up experience and those students who are seeking entrepreneurial experiences in product innovation. This cluster is designed for any undergraduate student from any major interested in being a product innovation leader in an existing or new business. This cluster provides unique "cross-skills" courses for students to thrive in multi-disciplinary teams used in industry and encourages student-based start-up companies. The cluster courses support the development of consumer-based products, software, and services.

Students who complete the cluster will develop broad-based entrepreneurial skills in new product development, new product launch, financial accounting for start-ups, product & service marketing, pricing strategies, and intellectual property management. This cluster is open to all undergraduate students from any major.

Students who complete this cluster develop skills and knowledge in eight areas:

  • Design technology-based products and services
  • Develop and implement business models and execution strategies to actualize technology-based ventures and products
  • Entrepreneurially evaluate products and business opportunities and understand the value proposition that they create
  • Develop and create business pro forma documents, which will enable financial projections of the venture
  • Determine the most appropriate and ethical solutions for specific real-world situations after careful consideration of the most salient facts, stakeholders, consequences, duties, virtues/underlying values, and relationships
  • Function effectively in multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams
  • Communicate complex ideas to a wide swath of stakeholders in a concise and precise fashion
  • Understand and be able to manage and leverage the various types of intellectual property (patents, trade secrets, copyright, trademarks)


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