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Engineering Leadership Development at Penn State Commonwealth Campuses

Since 2019, the ELD minor has been available to students at Penn State Commonwealth Campuses. The ELD program focuses on providing a challenging, relevant, and dynamic world-class program that further engages students in their education while preparing them for leadership roles in a technical work environment. Key courses in the minor have been successfully transitioned and tested online, where we have worked to ensure the same quality of learning experience as our residential courses. Thanks to our experience in delivering education digitally due to flipping ELD residential courses, students at the campuses will learn the exact same content as University Park students and will participate in active learning through virtual teaming opportunities. Below are the steps to ensure Commonwealth Campus students can take to enroll in the minor:

STEP 1:  Enroll in ENGR 408- Engineering Leadership Principles

Students will gain essential knowledge and skills in leading technical teams, project management, and self-awareness of leadership abilities.  This course also counts towards most technical electives for engineering majors (please check with your advisor for your major). 

  • Offered: fall, spring, and summer, web-only course

If you are unable to find a section at your campus and cannot enroll yourself, please contact us at

STEP 2:  Enroll in the ELD minor through Lionpath

STEP 3:  Discuss the ELD Minor elective options with your academic adviser

  • The ELD minor requires 6 credits of electives that align with the program’s learning objectives.
  • Students should align their general education electives with the ELD list of electives.

STEP 4:  Enroll in the remaining ELD courses

  • ENGR 409:  Leadership of Organizations
    • Offered: summer and fall, web only
  • ENGR 405:  Project Management
    • Offered: fall, spring, and summer, web-only or world campus
  • ENGR 411:  Business Basics
    • Offered: summer and spring, web-only
    • This course will substitute for the required ENGR 407 course which is not available for online learning


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